Friday, April 10, 2009

back in the game

i think! i've been traveling, without a computer, and just plain busy the last couple weeks. but i figure since i've had some of my close friends emailing me to ask about the details of my wedding that it's time for me to get share the important stuff on here....

SO. here we go:

date - august 8, 2009. that means we have less than 4 months. omg.

location - the ceremony and reception will be held at Brad's parent's house. they have a ton of land out in the country, and seriously, i've dreamed of getting married there since before Brad and I were even inklings in each other's mind...isn't that ironic?? but the ceremony will be outside, the dinner under a tent, and the 'dance' on their basketball court - minus the hoops! we're taking those down and using them to string up lights :)

theme - i'm following the "3 C's": country. casual. classy.

colors - navy blue with lemon yellow accents

my dress - i did buy my dress about a month ago, and it's actually supposed to be in next week! it's beautiful. strapless, draped fabric, mermaid fit. i'm not wearing a veil (i don't think) and am instead putting a sweet white flower in my hair. if i do wear a veil it would only be one of those birdcage types.

bridesmaid's dresses - they're navy+white patterned dresses from j.crew. they weren't in their bridesmaid collection, they were only sold in the store. but they're embossed cotton, knee-length, and adorable. we found little yellow wedges at Payless that they'll wear with them, and i'd also like for them to wear yellow ribbons/belts around their waist. we'll see.

flowers - brad's mom is going to grow these...i definitely trust her, but it's still a little scary to hand that over! at this point, i know i want yellow and white dahlias, and i would loooove ranuculas, but those might be too difficult to grow. i love big, soft blossoms.

photography - i recently booked our photographer, and we got a steal of a deal. she's a great portrait photographer who is getting into wedding photos, and since her portfolio isn't built up she's going to use us mainly for that purpose, so she's barely charging us anything! i trust her eye and the work that i've seen, so i'm super excited.

invites - my super talented friend ashley designed them, and i have to say, she could make a killing with her skills! they're super simple and fashioned after a wedding i saw on Martha's website. i'll try to get a screen print up of them soon. however, i'll say that the only 'designs' on them are pretty flourish/scrolls on the top and bottom and little rooster right in the middle, keeping with the country theme.

So....that covers most of it! we still haven't decided on where to do a honeymoon yet. we're considering staying at a relative's condo in Florida for a few days and then doing a real honeymoon somewhere in the winter. cause after all, the summertime is so short up in these parts that we'd hate to miss it! Last night Brad mentioned that when he gets back from Montana (he's going there for 2 weeks for work) it'll be 3 months until we're married! Kinda freaks me out, considering how much still needs to be done...but all i can say is, i can't wait to be married :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!


GIRL FROM THE LAND of 10KL said...

I'm so happy for you Seanna! Your wedding sounds like it will be beautiful =)

Annie said...

do you have a wedding website?

anyway, 3 months will go fast. Miles is almost 3 months old (okay will he is just barely 2 months, but will soon be three months).

Christopher Gerald Wagner said...

What does brad do for work?