Monday, February 16, 2009

the deciding begins

i only have a couple minutes to get this posted, but thought i would show you 3 of the dresses i'm considering. yes, they're all from j.crew, and yes, i plan to look elsewhere....maybe. but i love their dresses! and i definitely - definitely - am not spending the requisite $3000 dollars on a wedding dress! here's my thoughts on each:

1.) the Goddess
i like this dress, but out of the 3, i think it's my least favorite. now - i am not your typical bride who doesn't tell the groom anything about the dress. i love Brad's opinions, especially on fashion! so while in the end i won't tell him the actual dress that i pick, i will get his opinions on the ones that i like. and out of these 3 he liked this one the best, surprisingly. it's very reasonably priced, and i like flowy-ness of it. however, it's so casual that i'm not sure what my bridesmaids would wear?

2.) the Sabine
i go back and forth about this dress. some days i look at it and love it, and other days i'm hesitant cause it's so simple. but i also know that i want to have really pretty accessories on the wedding day, whether it's a pretty necklace/earrings, or a flower in my hair...out of these 3 dresses, this one seems like the most wedding-y.

3.) the Whitney
can i just say, i love this dress? i love it. however, it seems more suitable for a beach wedding, and again, what would my bridesmaids wear if i'm so casual? my best friend says that this dress reminds her most of me. again, also very reasonably priced.

so, there you go! i still want to go wedding dress shopping, and there's a bridal store in St.Paul, MN that's having a sample gown sale this weekend. so who knows??

by the way - the date that Brad and i are looking at this first or second weekend in August (this year!) it's a little contingent on the availability of churches, though, so we'll see!

have a great Monday! :)


Mrs. B. said...

Every one of those dresses are gorgeous. Simple and elegant.
I'm not sure if you're wanting input so I wont say much (I will say that I'm with Brad on this one, though ;)
Can't wait to see what you decide on.
You will look beautiful in any one of them.

TNgirl said...

All three of those are pretty but I like the second one best.

Christina said...

hmm... it's going to be hard for you to choose, because you'll look great in anything ;) I do like the flowyness of the first, but i like the second dress, especially since it's strapless and I could imagine a nice big necklace/earrings with it!! did you decide against the Lucinda? it'll be fun to see what you find at the wedding shoppe! Are you going to try Rush's? oh i'm excited to follow along with your planning and I'm so glad I'll be in the US in the beginning of August so I can come to your wedding! Woohoo!

Sara said...

my favorite is the second one. I am not a strapless person, but that is the one I like the best.

Alicia Marie said...

How fun! All of those dresses are beautiful. Will you be able to try them on before you decide? I know that i knew exactly what i wanted...till i tried it on.It just wasn't what i thought. I bought the 5th dress i tried on at a trunk sale from the wedding shoppe in st. paul. I loved my dress and have never seen a dress that i liked better to this day...good luck! I am sure you will be beautiful in any of them.

Catherine said...

I love the Goddess dress. I think you would look so beautiful in that!

I'm sure that no matter what you pick it will be beautiful :)

Congrats again!

Gary,Carri, & Calli said...

They are ALL top pick is the Sabine, though! Yay for wedding dress shopping!

Andrea said...

Great dresses. Ilove the first one, definitely a knock out!! Brides, see
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connie said...

Where are those dresses from?