Monday, January 19, 2009


my favorite things about winter
  • snow. i love snow, especially when it's falling lightly and you're doing something cozy, like reading a good book and drinking coffee
  • drinking warm drinks. i love coffee year round, but there is just something about taking my little Starbucks thermos to work every morning in the winter. it literally warms your insides.
  • cute hats+coats. i love my winter coat - a black/white buffalo plaid peacoat.
  • fireplaces. i don't have one myself, but brad's parents have one and they use a wood stove to heat their house, and ohmygosh...something about that kind of heat gets in your bones and makes you so drowsy. after eating a thanksgiving meal=amazing. 10pm on a weeknight=painful.
  • soups. i love soups in the winter. chilis and stews are my favorite things in the world to make on a cold day.
things i really don't like about winter
  • being cold. i hate, hate, hate being cold. walking in snow makes your toes freeze, your hands are always cold, and going from a warm house in the morning to the cold outdoors can be tortuous.
  • owning a vehicle. believe me, there is absolutely nothing fun about driving a car in the winter. i really only think i wouldn't mind this if i had either A) 4x4 drive B)heated seats/steering wheel C) automatic start or D) all of the above. or to make things even better, a garage. because you can have all 3 of those things and it still doesn't change the fact that you have to go out and brush/scrape the snow off.
  • heat bills. after last month's bill i gave up eating so i could pay for it. after this month's, with an average temp of probably 5 degrees, i told brad that i'm planning to sell my eggs. he didn't think it was funny.
  • the winter "uglies". i don't know what else to call this...but let's just say that winter doesn't do anything to make you look good. you're usually eating more and doing less, which means weight gain. the dry and cold air makes your skin flaky and scaly, your hair static-y, you're totally pale from the lack of sun, and in my opinion, winter clothes are nowhere near as cute as summer ones. and why do the big, thick warm sweaters have to be so $$$??
so, there's my list. i tell you girls...if you live in a warm climate, STAY THERE. and if you don't...just think. we only have 4 more months of this!

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Annie said...

Oh i do need to call you because i just have so many comments to say about all of this!