Sunday, January 4, 2009

after christmas...

i find the weeks after christmas to be slightly annoying.  here's my list why:  

1.) taking the christmas tree down.  i hate doing this...and it's a necessary evil.  this year, because i actually invested in nice ornaments and decorations and not the $5 Wal-Mart bulbs, i have to wrap the ornaments before i stash them.  not to mention drag the tree - which hasn't been watered since the day after christmas - outside.  

2.) getting finances back in order.  i'll admit, they tend to go a bit awry during the holidays due to traveling, parties, GIFTS, and those other miscellaneous purchases that you don't account for (i.e, $18 christmas tree stand, checked luggage fees, $70 kennel for puppy).

3.) putting discipline back into my health habits.  i was beginning to get a little too comfortable drinking limitless Cokes and eating whatever my little heart desired.  and this girl hasn't seen a treadmill in oh...two months?  small saving grace: the j. crew outlet store where i somehow fit into size 4 (!!!) pants.  these days, i'm lucky to squeeze into a 6.  

4.) back to the long, endless workweeks with no days off in sight.  i like my job.  but i like having days off...and i don't think we have any until february (President's Day?), and even then, that day is our big profit sharing shindig.  

i could probably continue, but those 4 alone are enough to make me want to go grab the Milk Duds and a Coke and sink into hours of Desperate Housewives of Orange County.  


Anonymous said...

I'm so with you! The days after Christmas/New Years are completely depressing (especially if you spend them in a WARM climate like the two of us!).
January and February are my most hated months. Blech.
Here's to getting through them sans Milk Duds and muffin tops. ;)

Sweet Soft Southern Thrill said...

I HATE taking down the Christmas tree. If I could pay someone to do it, I would. My mom seemed sad when I told her I wasn't putting up a tree this year (because I'd be out of town for the two weeks around Christmas), but I was pretty relieved for an excuse not too! I even have a fake tree...I can't imagine having to deal with the mess of a real one. Good luck!