Tuesday, August 26, 2008

yes, please

a few things i'd loooove to have in my life right now....

1.) Pause creamer and sugar bowl, Crate + Barrel

i've loved these for a couple years now. there's just something about serving your coffee cream out of a delicate pitcher instead of a giant grocery store milk carton...i would say it's the mark of a great host.

2.) Salina flats, J Crew

oh, man. if these babies weren't so $$ i would've already been sportin' them at work this week. but since they are, i'm not. instead, i just fall deeper and deeper in love with the shiny yellow beauty of them. and wonder if i really need to put gas in my car next month....cause they're about the same price.

3.) American Bulldog puppy

if i were to tell my since-passed, Kentucky-born-and-bred grandma that i was dying for one of these dogs, i would guarantee you she'd tell me, "seanna, you need a dog like you need a hole in your head." then she would tell me that it would never "amount to a hill of beans." she lived by those sayings, i swear. i digress...but i would love, love, love one of these sweet puppies. i would name him Sawyer and take him driving in one of Brad's dad's trucks, cause all dogs need to be familiar with riding in the back of trucks, i think.

4.) I love these pillows

i have no idea where i got this picture, or where it's from. all i know is i am loving those yellow accent pillows. we all saw the hideous red/gold/fugly pillows that came with my (lovely) new couch, and since the colors in my living room are pretty neutral, i think i could do something in a yellow pattern.

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*Josh* said...

Everyone needs an American Bulldog. They are the best dogs in the whole world hands down.

My dogs name is Hurley!