Thursday, August 7, 2008

new beginnings

i'm finally up and running! i've been wanting to start this blog ever since i got back, but life has been incredibly busy lately, obviously. i spent a weekend up north in my new hometown with Brad's parents and family, and it was a blast. we went tubing/kayaking, had cookouts, campfires, celebrated birthdays, spent time out on the boat on the lake, and best of all - i got a job AND a place to live!

i'll be starting my job at a local bank in a week as a Universal Banker, which is basically someone that is a banker and a teller. i also found a little white house to rent that i'm super, super excited about. it's funny, Brad and i looked at a number of places, all of which were a little rough, but this one had to be the worst - you walked in and the wood floors were all scraped up, it reeked, the walls were stained, the place was filthy...and i loved it. i tend to like the places that fixer-uppers, and since the landlord is willing to have us put in some labor in exchange for rent, and he's going to buy new paint for the house, it all worked out perfectly. as soon as i get back to Wisconsin i'll post some 'before' pictures of it, so you can all freak out and thank God your house is livable :)

i'm at my Dad's house right now and he's in the kitchen putting dinner together, so i suppose i should get in there to help. i'm looking forward to keeping up with my new blog, so i hope you'll join me!


Pearls of Wisdom said...

i read your au pair blog- i'm excited you're going to keep blogging!

N.M.B. said...

New blog love! Can't wait to read about your adventures!